Motocross Des Nations 2000

St Jean d'Angely, France
Sunday, 10 September 2000

Race 1 (Open/125) top-15
1. Ryan Hughes (USA/Honda)
2. James Dobb (Great Britain/KTM)
3. Andrea Bartolini (Italy/Yamaha)
4. Peter Johansson (Sweden/KTM)
5. Francisco Garcia Vico (Spain/Yamaha)
6. Grant Langston (South Africa/KTM)
7. Chad Reed (Australia/Yamaha)
8. Erwin Machtlinger (Austria/Honda)
9. Miska Aaltonen (Finland/Husqvarna)
10. Travis Pastrana (USA/Suzuki)
11. Stephane Roncada (France/Yamaha)
12. Thomas Traversini (Italy/Husqvarna)
13.  Michal Kadlecek (Czech Republic/Suzuki)
14. Ryuichiro Takahama (Japan/Honda)
15. Patrick Caps (Belgium/KTM)

Race 2 (250/125) top-15
1. Ricky Carmichael (USA/Kawasaki)
2. S├ębastien Tortelli (France/Honda)
3. Marnicq Bervoets (Belgium/Yamaha)
4. Paul Cooper (Great Britain/Husqvarna)
5. Claudio Federici (Italy/Yamaha)
6. Joshua Coppins (New Zealand/Suzuki)
7. Yoshitaka Atsuta  (Japan/Honda)
8. Gordon Crockard (Ireland/Honda)
9. Stephane Roncada (France/Yamaha)
10. Greg Albertyn (South Africa/Suzuki)
11. Grant Langston (South Africa/KTM)
12. Akira Narita (Japan/Honda)
13. Patrick Caps (Belgium/KTM)
14. Jochen Jasinski (Germany/Honda)
15. Travis Pastrana (USA/Suzuki)

Race 3 (Open/250) top-15
1. S├ębastien Tortelli (France/Honda)
2. Ricky Carmichael (USA/Kawasaki)
3. Andrea Bartolini (Italy/Yamaha)
4. Marnicq Bervoets (Belgium/Yamaha)
5. Ryan Hughes (USA/Honda)
6. Greg Albertyn (South Africa/Suzuki)
7. Gordon Crockard (Ireland/Honda)
8. Paul Cooper (Great Britain/Husqvarna)
9. Joel Smets (Belgium/KTM)
10. Darryl King (New Zealand/Husqvarna)
11. Joshua Coppins (New Zealand/Suzuki)
12. Yoshitaka Atsuta (Japan/Honda)
13. Claudio Federici (Italy/Yamaha)
14. Erwin Machtlinger (Austria/Honda)
15. James Dobb (Great Britain/KTM)

Team Results (top-15)
1. USA (19 points)
2. Italy (36)
3. Belgium (44)
4. Great Britain (47)
5. South Africa (55)
6. Japan
7. Australia
8. Finland
9. Czech Republic
10. Germany
11. Ireland
12. Spain
13. Austria
14. Portugal
15. Denmark


Anonymous said...

How is it that france did not place in the top 15 for the Team Results????

moto 1 : 11th
moto 2 : 2nd and 9th
moto 3 : 1st ..

How is it that japan got 6th and france didnt even make top 15???????

Anonymous said...

Or the fact that denmark did not place in the top 15 in ANY moto, but still placed 15th overall .... but france did not finish top 15 overall??

You must have screwed up some where man....

Anonymous said...

I'm the one who make that blog, I forgot what email address I used for that for many years

"You must have screwed up some where man..."
Thank you, I do that for free and by passion of the history of MX, and if I make some errors SOMEWHERE so sorry for that... only two (real) comments here and they are negatives, thanks again..

And for you concern I just make a research again and I was right... the 5 best results counts and Bolley has 2 DNF (40+36) so...
Here the results I just found