Motocross Des Nations 1980

Farleigh Castle, Great Britain
September, 1980

Race 1
1. André Malherbe (Belgium/Honda)

Race 2
1. André Malherbe (Belgium/Honda)

1. Belgium (André Malherbe, André Vromans, Georges Jobé, Ivan Van Den Broeck)
2. Netherlands (Gerrit Wolsink, Gerard Rond, Kees Van der Ven, Toon Karsmaker)
3. Germany (Rolf Dieffenbach, Fritz Köbele, Ludwig Reinbold, Grühler)

André Malherbe

(Year and venue of the picture not certified, races results not certified)


Anonymous said...

This photo was taken by my father Derek Cole.

Craigbsa said...

Great picture, I have a 1980 poster of Farleigh castle wcmx

Anonymous said...

That photo of Malherbe is not at the 1980 Des Nations. He wore national colours, yellow helmet and jersey. I was there , Darren