Motocross Des Nations 1976

Saint Anthonis, Netherlands

1. Belgium : Roger De Coster, Gaston Rahier, Harry Everts, Jack Van Velthoven
2. Netherlands : Gerard Rond, Frans Sigmans, Peter Herlings, Pierre Karsmakers
3. Germany : Adolf Weil, Herbert Schmitz , Rolf Dieffenbach, Willy Bauer
5. USA : Tony DiStefano, Kent Howerton, Rex Staten, Bob Hannah


Anonymous said...

Harry everts beat bob hannah on a mk.11/model bultaco pursang. I owned one,and when you wanted tractablepower that hooked up well, you left the primary flywheel on-for japanese like effect on power you could remove it. i preffered the tractable powerband and never removed th extra flywheel.

Arie said...

As i was told by Peter Herlings (father of Jeffrey Herlings, it was Gerard Rond who had a DNF because of running out of fuel in the final lap. If not, The Netherlands would have won.